17" Industrial Thin Client Intel Atom 1.6GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM with Resistive Touch Screen (Model: UTC1700-IPAT)

17" Industrial Thin Client Intel Atom 1.6GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM with Resistive Touch Screen (Model: UTC1700-IPAT)
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17" Industrial Thin Client Intel Atom 1.6GHz Processor, 1 GB of RAM with Resistive Touch Screen (Model: UTC1700-IPAT)

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·         Extreme rugged cast aluminum enclosure

·         Adheres to NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications

·         Bright 15, 17 or 19 TFT Color LCD Screen

·         Optional Resistive Touch Screen

·         AMD LX 800 low power, low heat 500 MHz processor or Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor

·         Standard Solid State CF drive

·         Standard OS: Microsoft® Windows® XPe.

·         Optional 802.11 b/g wireless radio with diversity antenna

·         Connectivity - Terminal Server, Cytrix, Terminal Emulation and Web Browser

·         Optional desk or wall mount rugged sealed keyboard.

·         Mounting options include desk mount, wall mount and Arm mount

·         Compatible with all major brand barcode scanners

·         One-Year Warranty. Made in USA

Product Overview

The UTC Series is a fixed mount Thin Client PC designed for the extreme environments. The harden cast aluminum enclosure can be wall mounted, arm mounted, or desk mounted. Windows applications can be controlled with a touch of a finger with an optional touch screen. The wireless option provides the ability to place the unit in remote places that do not have hardwire network cabling. Standard operating systems provide a seamless interface to current applications. The UTC Series is ideal for data collection, HMI, logistics, and manufacturing applications. If you need a flexible small footprint PC for your application, the UTC Series is the product of choice.

Display Sizes

Choose from various size LCD screens to meet you application needs. The UTC Series is available with a 15.0” LCD, 17.0” LCD, and a 19.0” LCD.

Optional Touch Screen

Although the UTC Series comes standard with a screen protective Plexiglas, the unit can be ordered with an optional resistive touch screen.  The Touch screen is available on all models.


The UTC Series comes standard with two Ethernet ports for hardwire LAN connections. The UTC Series can be ordered with an 802.11 b/g wireless radio with diversity antennas. This provides the ultimate location flexibility for applications that require difficult space requirements.

Hard Drive Technologies

The unit comes standard with a solid-state Compact Flash hard drive. The solid-state drive gives a reliable shock resistant hard drive for rough Thin Client applications.

Easy Access I/O Plate

The UTC Series sealed easy access I/O plate gives the user the ability to use standard cables but still have the ability to secure the cables from the environment and unwanted disconnection. Inside the special I/O area is a tie down plate to where each I/O cable can be secured. This is important for non-locking connectors such as USB and PS/2 connectors that easily are pulled out during operation. Cables are connected, tied down with standard tie wraps to the tie down plate, the cover plate is screwed down, and your cables are sealed and secured.

Mounting Options

Standard VESA 100x100mm mounting holes are located on the back of the unit. The standard VESA mounting can support other mounting options such as arm mount, standard VESA wall mount, and Desk mount options. iTechLCD offers a special desk mount stand that can be bolted down to a surface. This is used for security and damage prevention during use.

Rugged, Tested Design

The UTC Series has a rugged cast aluminum housing that adheres to the NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications. The UTC Series can withstand extreme harsh environments such as dust and moisture. The UTC Series has been used in outdoor, abrasive, and wash down environments. It is truly a rugged device.

Barcode and RFID Scanning Support

The UTC Series supports most USB and RS-232 barcode and RFID scanners. Various models are available from iTechLCD. Laser scanners include short-range and long-range scanners, Image scanners, RFID fixed, portable scanners, and wireless scanners.

Application Support

State-of-the-art, industry-standard development tools that are used in thin applications, such as Microsoft’s .NET Compact Framework, Visual C++™, Visual Basic™, Java®, and HTML™ can be used with the UTC Series.


  • Wall Mount Brackets
  • VESA 100mm X 100mm Mounting Plate
  • Keyboard Mounting arms for Wall Mount applications
  • Desk Stand

Technical Specifications
Enclosure: Constructed of sealed cast aluminum enclosure, adheres to NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications
Dimensions:  UTC1500:            (H)13.615" (W)16.084” (D)4.247”
UTC1700:            (H)16.093" (W)18.148” (D)4.467”
UTC1900:            (H)17.670” (W)20.939” (D)4.467”
Weight: UTC1500:            30 lbs.
UTC1700:            37 lbs.
UTC1900:            45 lbs.
Display: 15.0” LCD, Brightness 300 NIT, 1024x768 Resolution
17.0” LCD, Brightness 300 NIT, 1280x1024 Resolution
19.0” LCD, Brightness 270 NIT, 1280x1024 Resolution
Backlight: 50,000 hours (Typical)
Touchscreen: Resistive Analog Touch Screen (Optional)
CPU: AMD LX800, 500 MHz Processor or Intel Atom 1.6 GHZ
Memory: AMD LX800 - 512 MB SDRAM (standard) Memory can be upgraded to 1 GB
Atom – 1 GB MB SDRAM (standard) Memory can be upgraded to 2 GB
Storage: Solid State Compact Flash – 2GB to 8GB
I/O Ports: AMD LX800 – PS/2 keyboard & mouse, 2 serial, 2 USB, parallel, and dual LAN
Intel Atom 1.6GHz – 3 serial, 4 USB, and dual LAN
Wireless LAN: Internal mini PCI Wireless Card - 802.11 b/g, Dual diversity internal antenna
Wired LAN: Dual RJ45 10/100 Ethernet
Keyboard/Mouse: Optional AT style backlit sealed keyboard with large button keypad, USB, PS/2 (optional mouse)
Operating Software:  Windows® Embedded XP
Terminal Software: Choose from various configurations: Terminal Server, Cytrix Server, Terminal Emulation - 5250, 3270, VTXXX and Web Browser Microsoft® Internet Explorer
Scanning Options: Tethered Scanner, standard-range, long-range, or extended-range laser handheld scanner
Mounting Hardware: Wall mount bracket, Arm Mount Bracket or Desk Stand. Supports standard VESA 100mm X 100mm mounting
Power: External Sealed AC to DC power supply
Temperature: Operating: 0º to 50º C, Storage: -20º to 60º C 
RH 0% to 95% (non-condensing)

Made in the USA Other accessories are available upon request.
Specification subject to change without notice.