15" Military Rugged PC

Computers play a very important role for an efficient military operation. As these devices will be exposed to various harsh conditions in these applications, it requires that it should be fit for rugged usage. At iTech Company, we have a range of this type of computers such as our15-inch Military Rugged PCs which not only offer durability features but also high computing capability as well. These are available in various processors including Intel Atom, Intel Core Duo/Core 2 Duo, Intel Pentium, Intel i5, and Intel i7. See the overview of each of these products below.

Military computers are designed for all kinds of needs, regardless of the environment and hazards that these devices will be exposed to.Our line of these products are made to function reliably in challenging situations.It is an ultra-rugged computer which is compliant with military (MIL-STD) and IP rating standards to withstand harsh conditions.

Its 15-inch Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display delivers a resolution of 1024 x 768 for excellent quality in terms of brightness and crispness. While it boasts its durability feature, it also offers security and lightweight design which is great for mobility applications.It also offers speed and accuracy of any latest modelcomputer with its range of Intel processors.

At iTech Company, we ensure that every single military rugged PC that we manufacture meets the necessary standards of quality. Contact us today to avail this type of computers that meet military specifications and able to perform reliably even in the harshest of environments.