15" Military Rack LCD Drawer


With iTech Company’s line of 15" Military Rack LCD Drawer solutions, you are able to manage and expand your data center in cost-efficient way. These devices are designed for easy installation in a standard 19-inch rack cabinets. It also offers a rich set of features such as high definition imaging, touchscreen functionality, and various high brightness levels to ensure that it delivers a clear and visible display. In a resting position, these LCD rack drawers occupied 1U rack space which provides a space-saving solution. With its robust design, it provides an ideal solution for military and various industrial applications. See these products below.

As these are intended for us in military and industrial applications, durability is also one of the main consideration when designing these products. It has a rugged all-metal construction to endure harsh conditions and rough handling. It features an ultra-low profile 1U design with a flip-up display enclosure, which significantly saves space. It delivers resolutions of up to 1280 x 1024 pixels for superior image quality. Some product models have a protective glass overlay for added protection to the device.

Several optional video ports are being supported including NTSC, SECAM, PAL, S-Video and RS-170 Live Video and optional support for DVI-A, DVI-D and DVI-I Analog, Digital and Integrated Video as well. There are also separate keyboard and pointing devices available which are designed for commercial, industrial and military applications. Moreover, several accessories are available for a more flexible solution.

iTech Company offers a variety of LCD rack drawer solutions which are ideal for managing rack server systems. Equipped with several useful features, these devices offer an efficient solution for controlling multiple computers and rackmount servers with the use of a single console drawer. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we’ll help you choose the perfect solution for your application.