10.4" Military Chassis Mount LCD

In challenging settings where dust, dirt, humidity, moisture, and splashes of water are commonplace, you need a device that can deliver reliable performance while at the same time can endure such conditions. iTech Company's range of 10.4-inch Military Chassis Mount LCDsoffer an ideal solution for these. It is equipped with enough rugged protection with its compliance to military and IP rating standards while delivering high display quality.This type of LCDs can also be configured with a number of optional features including touchscreen, wide operating temperature, and AR protection glass, among others. See these products below and get to know more about its various features.


With its high quality 10.4-inch SVGA Panel, it delivers a resolution of 1024x768. It is also equipped with full IP65 protection for a dust and water-resistant device, except for its I/O parts.It complies with military standards such as MIL810F and IEC60068-2-27 for anti-shock and vibration as well. Meanwhile, the aluminum housing which is sturdy enough to handle rough handling and rugged applications, has also anti-corrosion treatments for protection when exposed to moisture, humidity and splashes of water.

For more flexibility, various connections are also being supported such as Ethernet, compact flash, mouse, keyboard, and IDE. There's also a 5-wire resistive touchscreen functionality for ease of usage and interactive applications as well. Other optional features include an anti-reflection protection glass and a wide range of acceptable DC input.

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