Shipping Price Policy

Shipping Pricing Policy

We quote a firm shipping price on products shipped by United Parcel Service or Federal Express

Shipments by independent common trucking carrier are estimates only. If you request a shipping cost, we call the shipper for a quote and estimated delivery time. It may fluctuate slightly from the quoted price, pending delivery conditions or fuel surcharges. We cannot guarantee that the trucking company will adhere to their quoted delivery schedule.

What type of delivery service do you need?

Dock-to-Dock is the least expensive and refers to your receiving area having a "dock high" area, where the truck backs up, unloads directly from his trailer straight across to your dock. You or your designated shipping staff will then take the product to the end user.

If you do not have a dock high or receiving area, you need to order a truck with

Lift Gate Service . This is a truck with the "elevator" tail gate that brings your product from the back of the truck to the ground. Once it is on the ground it is your responsibility to bring it into your building. This type of truck typically adds $75-$125 to the shipping bill.

Inside Delivery means the truck driver will bring your product into the front door of your building. He may place it where you want it, on the first floor, but it is at his discretion. He will not unwrap, uncrate or haul away the wrapping materials. This service can add an additional $50-$90 dollars.

Installation Service . If you are short handed or do not have a receiving staff, you may want to have an independent contractor receive your product at his location. He will inspect it for damage, call you for delivery time, deliver, and place the product exactly where you want it. He will dispose of all packing materials. The cost for this service varies greatly, depending on how many items are being delivered, your delivery conditions, such as stairs, no elevator, etc. Typically adds an additional $125+ to cost of delivery.

Residential Deliveries . Residental deliveries that come by truck (non-UPS/Fed-Ex) require a lift gate truck. Most transportation companies charge an additional fee for residential deliveries in addition to the lift gate truck charge.

If you have an established account with a trucking company we will make every effort to ship on that carrier and you will be billed directly by the trucking company.

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