The World's Smallest SDI Video & Audio Test Signal Generator (PENPAL-sdi)

The World's Smallest SDI Video & Audio Test Signal Generator (PENPAL-sdi)

The World's Smallest SDI Video & Audio Test Signal Generator (PENPAL-sdi)

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Product discontinues. call us 888-483-2418 for replace items. Features:

  • 26 SMPTE259M built in patterns
  • Patterns organized in 7 groups for easy access
  • 10 bit video test patterns
  • 4 stereo pairs of AES Audio embedded in the SDI signal
  • Supports 525 and 625 lines formats
  • Lightweight - Less than 6 ounces
  • Fits in your shirt pocket
  • Battery operated or AC powered
  • Cost effective and convenient
  • AC Power Supply is available as an optional extra


Introducing the world's smallest serial digital video test pattern generator, PENPAL-sdi generates 26 video test patterns and 4 stereo audio signals. Each 10 bit video test pattern is encoded according to Rec.ITU-R BT.601. and transmitted serially according to Rec.ITU-R BT.656. AES digital audio signals are embedded according to SMPTE 272.

Operating in 625 or 525 line standards, PENPAL-sdi is the perfect tool for every broadcast engineer. Powered by a 3V lithium battery, or an optional AC adapter and weighing at less than 6 ounces, you can take it anywhere, confident that you can generate serial digital test patterns & audio tones at the touch of a button whenever you want them.

This level of integration and performance has been achieved utilizing video processing and compression techniques optimized for reduced power consumption and the 10 bit all digital processing and the high stability crystal eliminates all noise and distortion.

Length 5.9 inches
Diameter 0.87 inches
Weight 5.9 ounces
Off - no embedded audio ( low power )
Continuous 1kHz tone on stereo pair 1
Continuous 444Hz tone on stereo pair 2
Broken 1kHz tone on stereo pair 3
Broken 444Hz tone on stereo pair 4
On 4 Stereo Pairs: Continuous 1kHz on left channel & broken 1kHz tone on right channel
Encoding AES 3
Precision 20 bits
Sampling Freq 48 kHz locked to video
Transport Audio embedded into video according to SMPTE 272.
Tones 1kHz (nominal) locked to sampling 444Hz (nominal)
Frequency Level -20dBFS ( full signal )
Channels 4 x stereo pairs ( 8 x channels )
Encoding Rec.ITU-R BT. 601
Bit Depth 10 bits
Transport Bit serial according to Rec.ITU-R BT656
Interface SMPTE 259M
Bit Rate 270Mbits/s
Output impedance 75 ohms
Video Connector BNC female
Return Loss better than 15dB
Amplitude 800mV +/- 10%
GROUP 1 100% bars, 75% bars, SMPTE bars, 100% bars & red
GROUP 2 SDI checkfield matrix, aspect ratio check/active picture markers 4:3, aspect ratio check/active picture markers 16:9
GROUP 3 5 step staircase, valid 5 step modulated staircase, limit ramp, shallow ramp
GROUP 4 2T + modulated pulse & bar, multiburst, 60% sweep with markers, full fieldline 17 ITS
GROUP 5 pluge on black, convergence with dots, tartan bars
GROUP 6 white, black, 1 field in 8 white bar, red field
GROUP 7 green, blue, magenta, cya