Vertical (0RU) Dualcom Remote Power Management (Model: DCS w/THB 1640v)

Vertical (0RU) Dualcom Remote Power Management (Model: DCS w/THB 1640v)

Vertical (0RU) Dualcom Remote Power Management (Model: DCS w/THB 1640v)

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Dualcom gives you power to do it better.
The Dualcom not only allows remote power management, but also represents a new approach to managing your system. Save energy by scheduling shutdown periods. Monitor current consumption to utiliize valuable rack space efficiently. Your network is your responsibility...

Dualcom means power control and monitoring from wherever you are.
The Dualcom enables scheduled or manual on/off control of eight individual outlets, and monitoring of the current supplied by each outlet. Three interfaces provide convenient access to your system:

TCP/IP: Web, Telnet, SNMP
The Ethernet interface can be utilized either through a text based telnet session or through an http web interface. The telnet session works identical to the serial interface in that it's text based and the menus are identical. The web interface utilizes a web browser and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This interface looks and feels different from the others in that it's a GUI (graphical user interface).

Serial Port
The Serial interface uses a standard serial port protocol, so that any laptop or pc with an available com port can utilize this direct connection to the unit. The serial port is also utilized as the initial setup
port for the unit. The other interface's need to be setup before they can be used. Once that has been done, all the settings can now be managed through the serial or Ethernet ports.

  • Events tracked in an event log, including change of outlet states, logins and logoffs, and user IP addresses.
  • Receive event logs via SNMP, syslog, and e-mail automatically
  • Assign descriptive names to each outlet
  • Total system current displayed on seven-segment LED display
  • Outlet memory restores outlet states in event of power outage
  • Outlet states, under- and over-current warnings, and Virtual Circuit Breaker™ notices provided on front panel
  • Supports temperature and humidity sensor for environmental monitoring

Vertical (0RU)

  • Output Voltage 120 VAC
  • Output Connections (16) NEMA 5-20R
  • Output Current per Bank 20 A
  • Output Current per Receptacle 20 A
  • Input Voltage 120 VAC
  • Input Frequency 60 Hz
  • Input Connection Type (2) NEMA 5-20P
  • Cord Length 12 feet
  • Input Current 40 A (2 x 20 A)
  • Load Capacity 4,800 VA (2 x 2,400 VA)
  • Net Weight 10.10 lbs.
  • Maximum Height 65.00 inches
  • Maximum Width 1.75 inches
  • Maximum Depth 2.75 inches
  • Shipping Weight 13.10 lbs.
  • Shipping Height 72.00 inches
  • Shipping Width 7.50 inches
  • Shipping Depth 4.50 inches
  • Color Black
  • Operating Environment 0 to 45° C
  • Maximum Operating Relative Humidity 95%
  • Storage -25 to 85° C
  • Standard 2 years repair or replace
  • Extended Optional
  • Network Settings 10BaseT
  • Serial Settings RS-232 (Cisco DCE pin-out)
  • Temperature/Humidity Sensor P/N 2000023


Monitor Temperature and Humidity. Send alerts when any condition is out of bounds. The Secondary remote sensor allows monitoring of environmental change of geographic area up to 30 feet.