9 Input Seamless Switcher: 3xRGB/YPbPr/YUV, 3xCV, 3xYC (S-Video) (Model: C2-5100)

9 Input Seamless Switcher: 3xRGB/YPbPr/YUV, 3xCV, 3xYC (S-Video) (Model: C2-5100)

9 Input Seamless Switcher: 3xRGB/YPbPr/YUV, 3xCV, 3xYC (S-Video) (Model: C2-5100)

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Key Features of the C2-5100, C2-5200

  • Multiple conversion and scaling products in one
  • Up to 10 Multi-format Inputs, 5 Outputs
  • 2 Preview Outputs -- RGBHV and Composite
  • I/O: Comp, S-Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, RGBHV
  • SDI Input and Output provided on the C2-5200
  • AutoSet™ Sizing - Exclusive CORIO Feature
  • PIP allows any input over any other input
  • RS-232 Interface for external control
  • Optional IP Interface available
  • Proc Amp for Video Adjustments
  • CORIO2 Technology conversion engine
  • Auto Detect worldwide television standards
  • Zoom up to 1000% with 100% Pan coverage
  • Video Processing Controls for Image Adjustment
  • Front Panel Rotary Encoder and LCD

Multiple Products in One
  • High Definition Video Scaler
  • Multi-Format Seamless Switcher
  • Frame Synchronizer/TBC
  • Picture-in-Picture Device
  • Multi-Format Windowing Device
  • Worldwide TV Standards Converter
  • Chromakeyer - Lumakeyer
  • Scan Converter (Down Converter)
  • Video Scaler (Up Converter)
  • Multi-Format Image Synchronizer
  • SDTV-HDTV Video Scaler
  • PC-HDTV Video Scaler
  • HDTV-HDTV Video Scaler
  • PC-PC Video Scaler
  • Analog-SDI Converter (C2-5200)
  • Aspect Ratio Converter
  • Video Transcoder
  • Logo Inserter
  • And more...

C2-5100 Multi-Video Format Video Processor (formerly called the C2-770) is much more than a Universal Video Scaler. Often referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of video processors, it has been the benchmark for video image conversion products since its introduction, coming nearer to the ideal of "Anything In - Anything Out" than any other conversion product available. Not only is it a high performance Video Scaler, Up-Converter, Down-Converter and Multi-Format Seamless Switcher, but it goes far beyond that. It's also a Worldwide Standards Converter, Chromkeyer, Lumakeyer, Picture-in-Picture Device, HDTV Converter, Frame Synchronizer, Time Base Corrector, Aspect Ratio Converter and a Universal Image Genlock, just to name a few. The 9-Inputs and 4-Outputs will accommodate Composite Video, S-Video, YCbCr, YPbPr, all HDTV formats and any RGBHV resolution up to 2048x2048 - not just some predefined ones, but ANY resolution, even custom ones. Plus, the C2-5100 also has 2-Outputs for Preview (RGBHV and Composite Video) to facilitate live event switching.

Picture-in-Picture Power - The C2-5100 is an unparalleled P-I-P device in its price range. Any video input can be squeezed and placed into a window of any size and positioned anywhere on the screen. The window can be placed over any other video input as the background. The image in the window can then be seamlessly switched to another video input. The image can also be zoomed while it is in the window. Multiple C2-5100 units may be cascaded to provide layer upon layer and window upon window of images from virtually any source, from Composite Video through HDTV and anything in between.

Powerful Features – The C2-5100 is ideally suited for use with LCD Projectors, CRT Monitors, Projection TV Systems, Plasma or HDTV Displays to improve picture quality. With its output signal format flexibility, it is assured that the Native Resolution of virtually any Digital Display can be matched. Because of the integral resolution calculator, even new resolutions can be instantly added to the menu. Adjustments are provided for Color Saturation, Hue, Brightness and Contrast and each video input has its own non-volatile memory to retain these settings, even when the power to the unit has been turned off. Integral Test Signals are user defined. A Logo memory is provided, so the unit can easily be used as a Logo Inserter. The C2-5100 employs advanced motion compensation to smooth out fast moving images and its automatic 3:2 Pull-down efficiently de-interlaces video from 24 fps film. The unit can be controlled from the front panel, via RS-232, IR or an optional IP interface.

C2-5200 Multi-Video Format Video Processor provides all the features and functions of the C2-5100 and adds an SDI input and output. This brings the unit's I/O total to 10 Inputs and 5 Outputs. Additionally, a second SDI input is provided exclusively as a genlock source. The SDI I/O is fully integrated into the architecture of the unit, so that any of the other signal formats may be converted to and from SDI and the SDI signal can be used as either the background or insert in the Picture-in-Picture windowing mode. Of course, it is also possible to seamlessly switch between any of the analog inputs and the SDI input.

A2-2000 Stereo Audio Switcher is offered to add Audio Follow Video or Audio Breakaway capability to either product. This separate unit is 1 RU high and connects to the Scaler with a 15-Pin interconnect cable. The microprocessor in the A2-2000 communicates with the microprocessor in the main unit, where all control commands originate. The A2-2000 provides both Balanced and Unbalanced connections for its 10 Inputs, plus its Preview and Program Outputs

10 Video Inputs
Composite Video 3x via BNC Connector
YC (S-Video) 3x via 4-PIN Mini-DIN Connector
SD/SDI (C2-5200 Only) 1x via BNC Connector
RGBHV, YPbPr, YUV 3x (1x via 5-BNC, 2x via HD-15F)(Note 1)
Genlock Input
Reference Signal Any of the Video Inputs
SDI (C2-5200 Only) 1x via BNC
5 Video Outputs
Composite Video 1x via BNC Connector
YC (S-Video) 1x via 4-PIN Mini-DIN Connector
SD/SDI (C2-5200 Only) 1x via BNC Connector
RGBHV, YPbPr, YUV 2x (1x via 5-BNC, 2x via HD-15F)
2 Preview Outputs
Composite Video 1x via BNC Connector
RGBHV, YPbPr, YUV 1x via HD-15 Female Connector
Input/Output Range
Computer Resolutions Up to 2048x2048
Max Vert Refresh Rate 250Hz
Max Horiz Frequency 150KHz
HDTV Resolutions All Known Resolutions & Formats
Interlace Support Progressive and Interlaced
Television Standards PAL-B, G, I, D, H, PAL-M, PAL-N
NTSC 3.58, NTSC 4.43, SECAM,
SD/SDI (C2-5200 Only) SMPTE 259M
Input RGB Sync
Type Auto-detect RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB
Level / Impedance TTL, 10KΩ
Polarity Positive or Negative
Maximum Level 5Vp-p
Output RGB Sync
Level / Impedance 5Vp-p, 220Ω
Polarity Positive or Negative
Output YPbPr Sync
Type Bi-level
Control Methods
Local Front Panel 10x Programmable Buttons +LED, Rotary Selector, LCD Readout
RS-232 Interface DB-9 Male Connector
IP Interface Optional via RJ45 Connector
Infrared Control Option IRC-5 Remote Control Unit
Audio Switcher Control Via D-15 Options Connector from the Main Unit
Desktop Case (HWD) 44x432x201mm (1.75”x17”x7.9”)
With Rack Ears (HWD) 44x483x201mm (1.75”x19”x7.9”)
C2-5100 Weight (Net) 3.48 kg (7.66 lbs)
C2-5200 Weight (Net) 3.58 kg (7.88 lbs)
A2-2000 Weight (Net) 2.54 kg (5.59 lbs)
Operating Temperature 0° to +50° C (+32° to +122° F)
Operating Humidity 10% to 85%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature -10° to +70° C (+14° to +158° F)
Storage Humidity 10% to 85%, Non-condensing
Regulatory Approvals
Video Scaler Unit FCC, CE, RoHS
Power Supplies UL, CUL, CE, PSE, GS, RoHS
Image Size & Position AutoSet or Manual
Image Zoom Range Continuous to 1000%
Image Shrink Range Continuous to 10%
Image Mirroring Horizontal and/or Vertical
Image Freeze Full Frame
Video Memory 4x4MBytes Picture Memory
Buffers (16MBytes total)
Resolution Memory Approximately 1,000 Definable
Firmware Memory Flash, Upgradeable via RS-232
Flicker Filter 4-Level Vertical
PIP Any 2 Video Inputs
Number PIP Windows Multiple Units may be Cascaded
Video I/O Impedance 75Ω
Video Decoder 9-bit Digital
Comb Filter Decoding Adaptive
De-Interlacing (PAL-NTSC) Pixel-level Motion Adaptive
Film Mode (NTSC) 3:2 Pull Down Detection
Video Encoder 10-bit Digital
Digital Sampling 24-bit, 8-bits per R, G and B
Colors 16.7 Million
Video Scaling Engine Proprietary CORIO®2
Internal Format 4:2:2 YUV
Internal Test Patterns User Defined
LCD Panel 24x2 Character
Logo Inserter Flash Programmable
Proc Amp Adjustments Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, & Hue for CV & SV Inputs, plus Video Level for RGB Inputs
Proc Amp Memory Settings for each Video Input
Power Requirement
Internal Power Supply 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz, 50W
Accessories Included
1x AC Power Cord US, UK or Euro
1x Operations Manual C2-5000 Series
1x Rackmount Kit 2 Ears and 4 Screws
1x Control Software Downloadable from website
Optional Accessories
A2-2000 Audio Switcher (Note 2)
IRC-5 IR Remote Control Unit
Add 10 to Model No. Network Interface (Factory Installed)
CC-300 CORIOconsole Hardware Control Panel
Product Item Number
C2-5100 Universal Scaler
C2-5110 Universal Scaler with IP Interface
C2-5200 Universal Scaler with SD/SDI I/O
C2-5210 Universal Scaler with SD/SDI & IP
(1) RGBHV Inputs/Outputs may also be RGBS or RGsB.
Audio Switching(Optional A2-2000 - Note 2)
Stereo Inputs 10x Balanced and Unbalanced
Program Output 1x Balanced and Unbalanced
Preview Output 1x Balanced and Unbalanced
Connectors per I/O 2x RCA for Unbalanced
(2) A2-2000 is controlled from the C2-7100 and provides Audio Follow Video or Audio Breakaway. A Separate Spec Sheet available for this option.