55" Outdoor Enclosures with Internal Heater

Outdoor Enclosures tolerate outdoor wet and wash down environments, Key Locks, Shatterproof window, Input/output ports, Display Mounting Bracket, Filtered Air flow, Surge Power proteced, Plenum Chambers, Internal Automatic Thermostate,Closed Cell Insulation,Internal Heater 115lbs,-30c to 35c (Model: OE5500H)

Outdoor Enclosures tolerate outdoor wet and wash down environments, Key Locks, Shatterproof window, Input/output ports, Display Mounting Bracket, Filtered Air flow, Surge Power proteced, Plenum Chambers, Internal Automatic Thermostate,Closed Cell Insulation,Internal Heater 115lbs,-30c to 35c (Model: OE5500H)

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Standard Features

• Air Curtain™ Fan System
• Filter Fan System
• Anti-Reflective Window
• Dual Lock Security
• Surge Protected Power
• Universal Mounting

Optional Features

• Internal Heater
• Closed Cell Insulation
• Air Conditioning
• Automatic Thermostat
• Exterior Plenum Chambers

Model 24” 32" 42" 46" 52" 55" 70"
Height 20.6 in. 24.8 in. 29.9 in. 33.5 in. 36.8 in. 38.4 in. 45.3 in.
Width 28.4 in. 35.2 in. 44.3 in. 49.6 53.1 in. 56.3 in. 68.8 in.
Depth 8.4 in. 9.1 in. 9.1 in. 9.0 in. 9.1 in. 9.1 in. 9.7 in.
Enclosure Weight 59.4 lbs. 68.2 lbs. 82.7 lbs. 88.5 lbs. 105.7 lbs. 112.3 lbs. 202.2 lbs.


As display specialists, the iTech LCD enclosure provides rugged protection and environmental control to maintain optimum screen conditions. Shipped ready for the installation of your display, each unit is manufactured from powder coated mild-steel and sealed to NEMA 4 with a 5 Year Limited Liability Warranty.

Specification Options

Size & Product Code
Air Curtain ™
Filter Fan System
Anti-Reflective Window
Dual Lock System
Surge Protected Power
Universal Mounting Screen (Internal)
Internal Heater
Closed Cell Insulation
Automatic Thermostat
Exterior Plenum Chamber Cooling
Air Conditioning

When should I use a LCD enclosure?
Designed to tolerate outdoor wet and wash down environments an LCD enclosure is the perfect solution to protect LCD screens for outdoor locations or any area where theft or vandalism may be a concern, for example:

• Outside Shopping malls/retail parks
• Factory floors
• Food production/medical facilities
• Outside Schools
• Waiting rooms
• Outdoor TVs for home/leisure

Why should I use an iTech LCD enclosure?

Lengthen the life of any LCD or plasma screen - protective and controllable environment - dustproof and waterproof to IP65 and Nema 4
Outdoor use in extreme conditions - optional heating, cooling and even air conditioning
Enhanced Security - solid steel casing protects against attack whilst tamperproof locks ensure security
Stay up to date – install the latest technology and reuse the enclosure time and time again
Flexibility - can be used in outdoor, industrial, indoor, wash down and clean environments such as food processing or medical facilities

Max Screen Size
Product Code
24” (61cm)
20.6” (523mm)
28.4” (721mm)
8.38” (213mm)
32” (81cm)
24.8” (630mm)
35.2” (895mm)
9.13” (232mm)
42" (106cm)
29.96” (761mm)
44.37” (1127mm)
9.13” (232mm)
52" (132cm)
53.18” (936mm)
53.18” (1351mm)
9.13” (232mm)
70" (178cm)
on request
on request
on request

Anatomy of an LCD enclosure – Features & Benefits

LCD enclosure Options

• Anti-vandal 6mm shatterproof Polycarbonate,
- Ideal for digital signage in unmanned locations, this thickened vandal proof polycarbonate is shatterproof and able to withstand the most determined of attackers. It is also guaranteed not to shatter and cause a hazard which is a requirement for any DS unit operating in food production and other areas.
25 mm insulation – a 25 mm layer of closed-cell foam that contains a low-conductivity gas which is added to PDS enclosures that are bound for colder conditions. This reduces heat-loss and prevents ice crystals from forming inside the enclosure allowing the screen to be used in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius.
Plenum chambers – Internal plenum chambers allow the IP65 enclosure to be fully jet washed whilst still allowing a filtered air to flow through the enclosure to transfer heat build up away. The plenum chamber prevents any water from entering the PDS enclosure whilst allowing clean air in. The air filter is accessible from the base for easy maintenances and cleaning.

Closed Cell gasket –Creates a waterproof seal when the enclosure is closed preventing any ingress of water or moisture – adheres to IP65 and NEMA 4

Additional Cooling – Dual fan system for larger screens is fitted as standard to ensure adequate air flow around the DS screen. All fans in PDS units are designed to operate efficiently and quietly reducing any humming from the DS unit.

Air conditioning – For use in extreme temperatures, an enclosure fitted with air conditioning is a completely sealed unit providing a perfectly sealed environment inside the enclosure that is the optimum condition for the operation of a digital signage screen no matter what the ambient temperature outside. Air conditioning is not always required as other cooling systems such as additional fans and air curtain can effectively transport heat from the DS screen. However in some conditions air conditioning is required although it can add to the cost of the PDS unit.

Air Curtain – a flow of air is constantly carried across the screen. An air curtain prevents any damage to the screen caused by heat build up in high temperatures or by continual direct sunlight. In colder conditions an air curtain also works like a car windscreen heater, preventing the screen from misting up and preventing it from freezing.

Insect screens – Fitted to louvers to prevent insects from entering the PDS unit.

Internal screen mounting – Allows the enclosed screen to be moved forward for better viewing capabilities and optimum air flow.

• Mounting Options – The design of the PDS enclosure means it can be fitted flush to the wall without requiring any brackets. This flush design makes any tampering or unauthorised attempts to remove the unit extremely difficult and also prevents the unit from being used to hang ligatures from, a requirement for some medical and penal institutions.
- Vertical wall bracket – the PDS enclosure can also be mounted on a vertical wall bracket for mounting the enclosure with an accessible gap to the wall, providing easier cabling access to the unit.

- 15 degree tilted wall bracket – To ensure improved viewing angle, the tilted wall bracket allows you to tilt the DS screen down 15 degrees for when the screen is mounted higher up.

- Ceiling and pole mounts – for mounting DS screens on the ceiling or floor, a selection of different mounting options are available suitable for almost any application.

- VESA mounts – enable the use of any standard VESA bracket or mounting system providing a flexibility to use mounting options provided by other companies.

• Internal Heaters – For cooler climates, internal heaters ensure the internal temperature inside the PDS enclosure never drops below the optimum. Internal heaters are automatically thermostatically controlled to prevent over heating and maintain the correct working temperature of the DS screen.
Automatic Thermostatic Cut Off – Automatic thermostat cut-off that will turn off the screen in excessively low or high temperatures to prevent screen damage - Ideal for areas where such extreme temperatures are unlikely but not unheard of.
Waterproof Speakers – Connected to the screen via waterproof gland plates at the back of the PDS enclosure a set of waterproof speakers enable sound to be integrated into the digital signage or turns the PDS device into a waterproof outdoor TV system.

• Key Locks – all enclosures are lockable and secure enabling pace of mind installation in unmanned locations.

• Tapered Door Frames - Provides additional protection preventing any ingress of moisture or dust through door seals.

VESA Mount - For thin client PC/Media player – allows any standard VESA device to be secured inside the enclosure.

Surge Protected Power - Surge protected mains distribution to protect against harmful spikes of electricity

Cable ports – can accommodate various cable sizes through sealed gland plates that prevent ingress of water where cables run through.

Anti Vandal Glass - Anti-vandal glass is tested to withstand subsonic hollow point bullets

Powder Coated Finish – Epoxy polyester paint is electrostatically applied across the entire unit then oven baked to provide a smooth textured finish that is ideal for wet and corrosive environments – adheres to IP65 & NEMA 4

Recommended PDS Enclosure Configurations for Ambient Air Temperature Ranges

Based on the operating temperature of the LCD screens being 0 C to 40 C (32 F to 104 F) Relative Humidity 20%-80% non-condensing

LCD Enclosure Options
1) Indoor/Outdoor LCD Enclosure
Standard MDS unit
0°c to 35°c
2) Outdoor LCD Enclosure for Direct Sunlight Use
MDS + Air curtain
0°c to 34°c
3) Outdoor Heated LCD enclosure
MDS + Air Curtain + Heater
-5°c to 35°c
4) Outdoor Insulated LCD Enclosure
MDS + Air Curtain + Heater + Insulation
-30°c to 35°c
5) Air Conditioned LCD Enclosure
MDS +Air Conditioning +Heater + Insulation + Air Curtain
-30°c to 45°c