Fujitsu 17-inch MT Console Drawer US version with 16 port multi-KVM pre-installed (LCD: SXGA) (Model:NC14010-B472/US R)



The SERVISTM Drawer offers the latest,
comfortable and efficient way to control
server cabinets for Reliability, Availability,
and Serviceability. The drawers new multisupport
interface provide user with easy
selection of input device interface.

Please contact Us at 1-888-483-2418 for price and detail


• The model supports the following interfaces (PS/2, USB,
SUN I/O and USB).
• A 17 inch 1280 x 1024 high resolution SXGA TFT color LCD
monitor, a membrane switch keyboard and a touch pad
with 3 buttons.
• Flat modular construction for 19 inch 1U rack mounting
The 1U drawer pulls out and the display raises up like a
notebook computer in use. When not in use, the display
folds down and latches closed and the 1U drawer pushes
into cabinet easily and smoothly.
• Quick and easy installation.
Slide rails are NOT included, available in 3 optional
•Drawer comes with space to install the 4-port Multi-KVM, in the field.
• Optional built-in 8-, 16-port KVM drawer available (Server Drawer Multi)
- I/F support: PS/2, USB, SUN I/O, USB
- On Screen Display (OSD) function
In Hot Key Mode, the selection screen is displayed on the monitor. This display lets you assign names of PCs and select PCs using the cursor key.
- Hot Key: any server is selected by the keyboard directly.
• Both separate-sync and composite sync video signals are supported
• RoHS compliant

In use
486 (W) x 1215 (D) x 370 (H) mm
In cabinet
486 (W) x 685 (D) x 43(H) mm
Guide Rails

Data Sheet


Product Name / Model
SERVIS Drawer / FD-1100MT 17 " series
Part Number
NC14010-B452/US R*
NC14010-B462/US R*** NC14010-B472/US R***
19 inch rack space requirement
LCD Drawer Part
LCD display
17 inch SXGA TFT color LCD
LCD resolution
1280 x 1024
LCD supported video signal
(H, V sync. signal)
Separate sync. / Composite sync.
# of keys
83 keys (US), (other languages: 84 keys (Europe), 87 keys (Japan))
PS/2: connected with KVM port
Touch Pad Type
Capacitive touch pad, 3 buttons
PS/2: connected with KVM port
Supported PC/Server
Servers with PS/2, USB, Sun I/O and USB I/F
Number of server
connections (max. number in
cascade connections)
8 units (64)
16 units (256)
Selection method - Hot keys, OSD
LED indicator Power - 8 16
Select - 8 16
Console Port with
Keyboard - PS/2 Mini Din 6-pin (female) x1: not connected
Mouse - PS/2 Mini Din 6-pin (female) x1: to be connected
Monitor - Mini D-SUB 15P (female) x1: to be connected
interface for
cascaded server
Keyboard - PS/2 keyboard compliant
Mouse - PS/2 mouse compliant
USB - USB 1.1 compliant
Sun I/O - Sun keyboard / mouse compliant
Server cascade port - Mini D-SUB 15P
(female) x 8
Mini D-SUB 15P (female)
x 16
OSD modes manual - Hot key mode / Auto scan mode
Auto scan intervals - 3 / 5 / 10 (default), 20 / 40 / 60 seconds
Power supply 100 to 240VAC
Operating environmen 15° -35° C / 10-80%RH
Dimension (main unit) 486 (w) x 685 (d) x 43 (h)mm in storage
486 (w) x 1215 (d) x 370 (h)mm in operation
Weight (main unit) 14kg 16kg 16kg
Included accessories User manual (x1), Power cable (x1)

* 4-port KVM: NC14004-B042 R can be installed inside drawer (separate purchase). 8/16-port KVM has to be factory installed.
** NC14010-B452/US R Multi-interface supported by changing cable. 2.0m PS/2 & USB cables are included, SUN I/O cable sold separately.
*** with 8-port KVM
**** with 16-port KVM


AC cable

AC Power cable

for 8-, 16-port KVM,
all US drawer models*

NC14004-B074 R
AC Adaptor cable

for 2-**, 4-port KVM,
Cat5 Extender

NC14004-B077 R
Drawer I/F
for NC14010-
B452/US R
PC cable (0.7m NC14000-B800/07 ) R
2.0m NC14000-B800/20 * * * R
(3.0m NC14000-B800/30 ) R
USB cable (0.7m NC14000-B820/07 ) R
2.0m NC14000-B820/20 * * * R
(3.0m NC14000-B820/30 ) R
Sun I/O cable (0.7m NC14000-B840/07 ) R
2.0m NC14000-B840/20 R
(3.0m NC14000-B840/30 ) R
Interface cables
for KVM built-in
console drawers
PC cable 1.8m NC14000-B6 0 2 R
3.0m NC14000-B6 0 3 R
5.0m NC14000-B605 R
USB cable 1.8m NC14000-B1 0 2 R
3.0m NC14000-B103 R
5.0m NC14000-B1 0 5 R
Sun I/O cable 1.8m NC14000-B202 R
3.0m NC14000-B203 R
5.0m NC14000-B2 0 5 R

1. - * All US drawer models include AC power cable.
- ** US 2-port KVM (ATL-models) includes AC adapter cable
2. Above P/N for AC cable is US model.
3. Drawer I/F cables:
- *** These 2 cables are attached to N014010-B452/US R 17” drawer. I/F Sun I/O cables, are required,
sold separately
- Non-standard 0.7m and 3m cables are also available, please contact sales office for information.

Guide Rails
Standard inside mounted guide rail
NC14003-T59 1 R
Outside mounted guide rail NC14003-T59 2 R
Side mounted guide rail NC14003-T5 9 3 R




Part Number

4-port KVM (FS-1004MT) 4-port KVM

NC14004-B042 R

FS-1004MT 4-port multi KVM switch
8-port KVM (FS-1008MT) 8-port KVM

NC14004-B082 R

FS-1008MT 8-port multi KVM switch
16-port KVM (FS-1016MT) 16-port KVM

NC14004-B162 R

FS-1016MT 16-port multi KVM switch



Part Number

Basic model

NC14004-B402/US R

15” AT Console drawer, US version (LCD:XGA, Input Device I/F: PS/2)

with built-in 8-port Multi-KVM

NC14004-B412/US R

15” AT Console drawer, US version with 8-port multi-KVM pre-installed (LCD:XGA)
with built-in 16-port Multi-KVM

NC14004-B422/US R

15” AT Console drawer, US version with 16-port multi-KVM pre-installed (LCD:XGA)
Basic model


17” Console drawer, US version (LCD:
SXGA, Input Device multi-interface)
with built-in 8-port Multi-KVM NC14010-B462/US R 17” Console drawer, US version with 8-port multi-KVM pre-installed (LCD: SXGA)
with built-in 16-port Multi-KVM NC14010-B472/US R 17” Console drawer, US version with 16-port multi-KVM pre-installed (LCD: SXGA)
Model/Series Part Number Description
Cat5 Wide Band: FE-1000CW NC14004-B721/U R 300 m Cat5 Extender Kit of local and
remote units, remote unit to be console
port only, compact size: 11 0 (W )x
100 (D) x 25 (H)mm
Cat5 Wide Band: FE-2000CW NC14004-B717/U R 300 m Cat5 Extender Kit of local
and remote units , remote unit to be
console port only, support audio and
touchpanel (RS232: TxD, RxD only)