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Product Overview
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Product Overview

Web-based Enterprise PDU Management

You can view and access all of your Sentry devices on one screen. It doesn't matter if they are located in one building, throughout your campus or around the globe. You can see and access them all - just as if you were sitting in front of them in your data center. With Enterprise View, you can troubleshoot. You can identify problems quicker. You can react faster to problem resolution. You can reboot. You can do it all from the NOC, in an office or wherever you are located.

Enterprise View PDU Manager is a network management system capable of monitoring and managing Sentry CDUs, Sentry Power Towers , Sentry Commanders and other Sentry devices in IP-based enterprise networks. With a simple and intuitive graphical interface, Enterprise View provides the NOC a complete view of all Sentry devices, making it easy to locate and maintain total control over networked Sentry units.

ˇ¤ Real-time monitoring of power input currents, temperature & humidity in your data center cabinet.

ˇ¤ Extensive reporting capabilities.

ˇ¤ Centralized event logging.

ˇ¤ Globe-to-cabinet navigation.

ˇ¤ User-configurable hierarchical view with alarm propagation, allowing managers to quickly spot and respond to trouble areas.

ˇ¤ Access Remote Power Management functionality to cycle power and reboot any selected server.

Faster Problem Resolution

If you can see a problem right away, you can fix it right away. Enterprise View delivers critical information as it occurs. When you log into Enterprise View, the Device Summary Widget provides a real-time report of conditions; you'll see what conditions are Critical, Warnings to potential problems, how many Sentry devices are Unreachable and how many Sentry units are in Normal conditions. Additionally, as conditions return to normal, alarms are automatically cleared. Now your NOC management team can immediately respond to alarms, preventing potential troubles from escalating into serious problems.

Simple Navigation & Control

Enterprise View provides a single-point-of entry to all your Sentry devices. A single NOC engineer can quickly access any Sentry PDU on the network. Enterprise View eliminates the need to catalog multiple IP addresses to locate & access the specific device you need to address. Using a standard browser, the Enterprise View GUI direct drill-down navigation allows the engineer to identify individual components that are causing an alarm or need resolution. With a sole IP address, access and utilize up to 1,000 Sentry CDUs, Sentry Power Towers , Sentry Commanders and other Sentry devices on your network.

Speed & Ease of Implementation

Enterprise View is fast and easy to implement. Once Sentry devices are on your network, Enterprise View auto-discovers each Sentry unit. Just load the software, and it does the work. Unlike cumbersome and complex network management systems, Enterprise View is easy to deploy and utilize. There's no need for the time and expense of customization and consulting to make it work. Enterprise View is specifically designed to access Sentry devices and provides a path to each unit's capabilities. Load the software today -and- use it today!

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Product Details

  • EV-Demo - Enterprise View Demo copy autodiscovers up to 5 Sentry devices.
  • EV-200 - Enterprise View 200 auto discovers up to 200 Sentry devices.
  • EV-1K - Enterprsie View 1K auto discovers up to 1,000 Sentry Devices

Product Specifications

Sentry : Enterprise View PDU Manager Technical Specifications

Event Notification Options

> Email, broadcast, & SNMP notification when an event occurs

> Secure (SSL) web-based management

> Auto-discovers each Sentry device for easy configuration

> Communicates with single serial (RS-232) and Network

protocols (SNMP, Telnet, HTTP. HTTPS


> Auto-discovery function searches for CDUs, Power Towers

and other Sentry units with 5.2i or later firmware.

> Customizable settings per device or device group to help

you delegate and identify mission-critical applications

Multiple Reporting Options

> Enable monitoring of hundreds of connected nodes

> MS SQL DE for smaller enterprises

> SQL Server interface for larger enterprises

> Both provide fully-featured reporting capabilities to produce detailed reports on critical management parameters such as temperature, humidity and input currents.

On Demand Accessibility

> Real-time view of all active system alarms

> Anytime, anywhere web-based views


> Standard HTML Web Browser


Sentry devices with firmware 5.2i and newer, including:

> Smart CDU Series

> Switched CDU Series

> Power Tower XL Series

> Sentry Commander Series

> Sentry -48 VDC and/or EV-1K

Enterprise View Part Numbers

> EV-200 Locates up to 200 Sentry network devices

> EV-1K Locates up to 1000 Sentry network devices

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