Enterprise Management Console™ (EMC)

Manage, Access and Control Multiple PDU Devices from Anywhere


The Enterprise Management Console™ (EMC) software allows you to auto-discover, manage and monitor all Cyber Switching products connected to your network infrastructure
from one intuitive IP-based management interface without introducing additional hardware in your network infrastructure.

The EMC enables secure, site-wide remote control and monitoring of individual PDUs all the way to the outlet level. Its easy-to use user account controls enable you to set different access and user permissions to each folder, function, device or outlet to fit your needs for ultimate flexibility.

The EMC facilitates day-to-day maintenance tasks by providing real-time alarm monitoring, one-click load shedding, detailed event logs and trending for your data center's PDUs.

Information At Your Fingertips Globally

Virtual PDU™

The Virtual PDU™ is a patent pending feature of the EMC. A Virtual PDU™ allows the user to create a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) that combines the real elements and functionality of separate PDUs into a single, user-managed "virtual" interface. Virtual PDU™ is patent pending technology developed by Cyber Switching to simplify power management. It allows the user to categorize outlets based on common or intended use, rather than physical location.

A Virtual PDU™ device can contain a combination of circuits and/or outlets from any supported Cyber Switching device.

  • 100% Software Based Application - No Additional Hardware Needed
  • Site-wide Management of Multiple PDUs
  • Synergy with all Cyber Switching's Network-ready Products
  • Secure SSL Remote Control/Web-based Interface
  • One-Click Load Shedding and Restore
  • Automatic Device Discovery via SNMP
  • Centralized Event Logging and Trending
  • Real-time Alarm Monitoring
  • Customizable Device Hierarchy
  • Single Sign-on User Authentication using LDAP
  • Configurable Individual User Permissions
  • Operates on most server OS Platforms using standard TCP/IP
  • Monitor and control on multiple circuits*
  • Virtual PDU™

* In conjunction with the PM8 unit.

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