DSR1022-001: Avocent 1 local user, 1 digital user 4-port Digital KVM switch(Avocent:DSR1022-001)

DSR1022-001: Avocent 1 local user, 1 digital user 4-port Digital KVM switch(Avocent:DSR1022-001)

DSR1022-001: Avocent 1 local user, 1 digital user 4-port Digital KVM switch(Avocent:DSR1022-001)

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Features and Benefits

With support for multiple network devices and remote management, the Avocent DSR1022 KVM over IP switch gives you greater access to branch office devices.

The DSR1022 switch is specifically designed for you to easily troubleshoot, reboot or even power cycle servers or serial devices in branch offices, avoiding the need for costly on-site service calls. The DSR1022 switch includes four configurable ports for maximum flexibility and supports PS/2 and USB servers. External modem support is available if your network is down. Managed with Avocent DSView®3 software, this solution combines SNMP, IPMI support, and BIOS-level control of your branch office's servers, routers and DSUs. Hub and spoke failover capability allows users to authenticate when a primary server is unavailable

  • 4-port Digital KVM over IP Switch
  • Compact, KVM over IP appliance integrates KVM, an external modem and power control in one solution
  • Provides access to an unlimited number of servers or serial devices, no matter their location
  • Includes four configurable ports for maximum flexibility when connecting to servers or serial devices
  • Offers IT administrators the ability to dial into a remotely located server or serial device
  • Remotely reboot the server to the BIOS level or even power cycle remote devices --- all from a single DSView 3 software interface
  • Uses the same management interface for the data center and the branch offices
  • Designed for multi-platform servers, including PS/2, Sun and USB
  • DSView 3 software advanced security includes audit logs and the ability to assign individual user rights
  • On-board Web browser support allows direct access to target devices without additional software, a benefit for small companies who want a scalable system that can easily grow with them. DSView 3 management software can be added later as the system grows.
Supported by DSView 3 software. Sold separately.
1.72 in. (4.37 cm)
17.00 in. (43.18 cm)
8.08 in. (20.51 cm)
5.3 lbs. (2.40 kg) without cables
Operating Temp
32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temp
-4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C)
Operating Voltage
100 - 240 VAC
Power Frequency
50 - 60 Hz autosensing
25 W maximum
Supported Hardware
PS/2, Sun, USB
VGA, SVGA (XGA, XGA-II with adaptor), Maximum Local Port: 1600 x 1280,
Maximum Remote Port using a DSRIQ module: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
USB keyboard and mouse, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, IntelliMouse
Approved Agency

Order Detail Part Number
4-port Digital KVM switch DSR1022-001
DSView 3 software - 1 User add-on license DSV3-1
DSView 3 software - 5 User add-on license DSV3-5
DSView 3 software - 1 Spoke Add-on License DSV3-SPOKE
DSView 3 Portfolio B - 1 Hub/1 Spoke/5 Users DSV3-SW
DSView 3 Portfolio A - 1 Hub/5 Users DSV3-SWA
DSView 3 software - Upgrade 1 Hub/5 Users (Existing DSView 2 customers upgrading to DSView 3) DSV3UG-SW
DSView 2 user software for 1 user (Required: DSVIEW1-1 or 1-5 or 1-100) DSVIEW1-1
DSView 2 user software for 5 users (Required: DSView1-5 or 1-1 or 1-100) DSVIEW1-5

Cables Part Number
Server interface module for VGA PS/2 kybd PS/2 mouse DSRIQ-PS2
Server interface module for VGA PS/2 kybd PS/2 mouse (extended version) DSRIQ-PS2L
Server interface module for serial-based devices (requires UPD-AM power supply) DSRIQ-SRL
Server interface module for VGA, USB keyboard/mouse DSRIQ-USB
Sever interface module for VGA or 13W3 , Sun keyboard / mouse DSRIQ-VSN
Power Supply UPD-AM