HDMI to Video Down Converter (Model: VS-226)

HDMI to Video Down Converter (Model: VS-226)

HDMI to Video Down Converter (Model: VS-226)

  • Overview

VS-226 HDMI to CS/SV/Stereo Down Converter


VS-226 HDMI to CV/SV/Stereo Down Converter converts digital HDMI signals (or a DVI input signal with S/PDIF coaxial audio) to NTSC or PAL analog video signals and also provides a L/R stereo audio output. Besides S-Video and Composite Video outputs, it provides a re-clocked HDMI signal which delivers a jitter free bypassed output of the original HDMI signal. In addition, either a bitstream derived HDMI audio signal or a coaxial input signal is processed and provided to an external audio amplifier via a coaxial S/PDIF digital audio connector. The VS-226 provides a convenient way for the user to watch a high definition television program while also recording it in standard resolution via a DVR or VCR.

The VS-226 automatically detects the HDTV signal’s resolution and is fully compliant with HDMI v1.2 and DVI v1.0 specifications. It has a small footprint and is shipped with an AC to DC power adapter which is provided with locking DC connector for security.

NOTE: The VS-226 does not support HDCP encrypted sources and cannot convert or pass those sources. Please make sure that your source does not require HDCP before using this product.

VS-226 Features and Specs
  • Automatic Signal Conversion
  • HDMI 1.2 and DVI1.0 compliant.
  • HDMI or DVI HDTV Signals from 480p to 1080p.
  • Jitter corrected, Re-Clocked HDMI Bypass signal.
  • HDMI or DVI HDTV to NTSC or PAL Conversion.
  • Converts HDMMI Bitstream audio to S/PDIF Audio.
  • Provides analog L/R Stereo Audio Output.
  • Converts PC signals to UXGA/60Hz to NTSC/PAL


Video Input
(1) HDMI, HDMI connector

(1) composite video, RCA connector
(1) S-video (Y/C), 4-pin mini-DIN connector
(1) HDMI, HDMI connector

Audio Digital Audio Input: (1) S/PDIF, RCA connector
Digital Audio Output: (1) S/PDIF, RCA connector
Analog Stereo Output: (2) via (4) RCA connectors
Resolutions HDTV Input/Output: 480P, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
SDTV Output: 480i, 576i
Power Source 5VDC, 2A (locking DC)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1.5 x 5.55 x 5" (38 x 141 x 127mm)
Weight 1.12 lbs (510g)