Aten KVM PCI IP Card Model:(IP9001)

Aten KVM PCI IP Card Model:(IP9001)

Aten KVM PCI IP Card Model:(IP9001)

  • Overview

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    • PCI card
    • Independent VGA on card
    • Assessable from anywhere in the world
    • Hardware health monitoring
    • Supports up to 64 accounts
    • Virtual CD Rom: Remote software install and upgrade
    • USB 2.0 Hub
    • Support SNMP traps: substantial savings of network and agent resources by eliminating the need for frivolous SNMP requests
    • Independent Power source: not affected when system power failure
    • Host-side OS support: Windows 2000/2003/XP, Redhat 8.0 and above.
    • Out of band operation (with optional modem module)
    • Independent control

The IP9001 is a PCI card that provides remote access to your server should it go down. With the IP9001 you can check the event log, the health of your machine, reset it, or power it on and off. Also, with the virtual CD Rom and floppy enabled, you can remotely install new software, upgrade your firmware or restore your computer's operating system. All the features you need to manage your server easily from your office or anywhere where you can connect to the internet via web browser interface. With the kind of protection that the IP9001 provides, you can be sure that your equipment is always running, always healthy and always secure.



    Compatible with following mother boards.

    • 1st Mainboard -- FR33E
    • Abit --BW7
    • American Megatrend -- 825
    • Asus -- A7M266-D
    • Dell -- Diammond 8450
    • Dell -- Gecko 1300
    • Dell -- Iguana 2400
    • Dell -- Napa 6400
    • Dell -- Opal 4400
    • Intel -- D850G
    • Intel -- Plumas
    • MegaRUM II -- 774
    • MSI -- MSTK7N420P
    • Super Micro -- P3TDER
    • Super Micro -- P3TDLE
    • Super Micro -- P3TDE6 Tran -- S2688
Package Content:

1 x IP9001 Card

1 x USB Cable

1 x Custom Made Feature Connector Cable

1 x Power Cord

1 x AC Adapter

1 x Software

1 x User Manual

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x  Warranty registration card

Specification :
Power Supply
  PCI 3.3V
  PCI 5V
  Wall Adapter 6V
  900ma/hr Lion Battery
Processor SOC
  16K D-Cache
  32-Bit 266Mhz
  16K I-Cache
  400 MIPS MMU
Master Carton
Master Carton Qty. 5
Height 9.25 in.
Depth 21 in.
Width 13.75 in.
Unit Package Dimensions
Height 8.25 in.
Width 12.8125 in.
Depth 8.875 in.
Unit Pack Wt. 2.35 lbs.
Master Carton Wt. 13.60 lbs.
CPU Memory  
  32 MB PC-133 MHz SDRAM
  Time Clock Chip + Lithium Coin Cell
Frame Memory  
  8 MB, 32-Bit SDRAM
Hardware Monitor  
  PCI Voltages, Card Inernal Voltage, Temperature
Modem + DAA  
  Plug-In Socket Modem 56K
Power Consumption  
Flash Memory  
  16 MB, 16-Bit
USB Device Conntroller For CDROM  
  USB 1.1 Device Controller
LAN Connection  
  10/100 MBit SOC Integrated
USB Device Controller for Floppy  
  USB 1.1 Device Controller
USB HUB I2C Controller  
  USB 1.0 HUB
USB Device Controller For Mouse/Keyboard  
  USB 1.1 Device Controller
VGA Controller  
  ATI RAGE XL with 8 MB, 32-Bit SDRAM with DVI Output PCI 2.2 32-Bit, 66 MHz