2U Rack Mount LCD Monitor KVM Keyboard


i-Tech's 2U Dual Slides Rackmount Monitor LCD KVM w/Front Lock


Why users want 2U Rackmount monitor instead of space saving 1U Rack LCD Drawer?? The answer is very simple, because the 2U Chassis is well more solid than the 1U Drawer.  


Another reason is 2U comes in independent Top and bottom sliding rails where separate Monitor and keyboard. This dual slides design allows user to view and monitor theirs system through a closed glass door of the rack cabinet. 


Even most of the server rack enclosures may have security access control, but when it is open frame rack or small computer room environment where if the 2U rack mount LCD has front lock where can control unwanted person have easy access to your valuable servers. 


Also, is 2U allows users to have more selection on keyboard because 2U has more space to fit different kind of the keyboards. See here for keyboard selection. 


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Features and Benefits
  • Using only 2U of EIA rack space (3.5" high), the iRKP2 Series rack-mount integrated is designed for space-saving 19" rack-mount applications.  

  • Feature a 2U Dual Slides allow monitor system and see through cabinet closed glass door 

  • Feature a with SamSung LCD Panel. Available in 15"/17"/19" LCD optional with 8 or 16 ports PS/2 KVM 

  • Feature a fully functional 95-keys Windows keyboard integrated with 3-buttons trackball

  • Equipped with industrial-grade heavy-duty slide-out rails with depth-adjustable rear mounting support

  • PS/2 KVM drawers can be mounted in any standard 19" server rack available in the market.

  • Built-in lock to prevent unauthorized console access.

  • Adjustable bracket up to from 26" to 34"

  • Optional Keyboard Selection

  • Optional USB Keyboard Mouse KVM

  • Optional Video Input Selection

  • Optional Power Input Selection


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